using OpenOffice 3.0 with a large documents – a speed test

Further to my earlier post on the speed of open office for large documents, Philip at Outserve kindly benchmarked my document for speed and sent me these results:
I have done some comparisons on a laptop which I have dual booted Ubuntu 8.04/Vista

Vista MS Office 2007 Open 6 seconds Save less than 20 seconds
Vista OO.o Open 25 seconds Save 45 Seconds
Ubuntu OO.o Open 30 seconds save 40 seconds

I’m not sure how this compares to your experience, I am runnung a 1.83 ghz core2 processor with 2gb ram. Once open the document moved smoothly and was easily updated.

My personal results on my old laptop (Ubuntu 8.10, 1.1GB RAM, 1.6GhtzAMD Turion processor) were

Ubuntu OO.o Open 60 seconds save 50 seconds

Just goes to show, open Office just sisnt as quick as MS Word for these huge documents (300pages+, 1.5MD in ODT format.

Thanks for Philip for his time in testing.

  • Hi Adrian

    I have put a post on my blog covering some ways that can improve performance:

    Also to add to to the test figures I got very reasonable results with the same document on Abiword the lightweight open source word processor for Linux and Windows:

    Abiword on Ubuntu – Open less that 20 seconds Save 12 seconds