the economy bites, in a worrying way

There are a lot of people suffering in UK PLC as a result of the downturn, and the widespread redundancies are hurting many.  At Mercian Labels we are still expanding, but I’m very aware of the plight of others, and a particular incident yesterday caused me some concern, especially after watching a Channel 4 documentary called the Big Job Hunt earlier in the  week, where Lord Jones of Birmingham commented on the plight of many skilled workers loosing jobs where skills cannt be replaced.

Yesterday I recevied a message from a guy who I wont identify, but who I regard in the very highest esteem as a true technical expert, and at the very head of his profession.  He is a technical “god” at a major multinational ink company.  He has just been made redundant.  The knowledge and experience this guy has has taken decades to build up, and when the economic upturn comes, his knowledge and skills built up over decades just can not be replaced by that company.  I am not critising the decision of the MD of that business, as I dont have any information on the circumstances, but I know that it is a crying shame that such skills are being lost in the fight for corporate survivial.  Manufacturing in the UK is under enough pressure as it is, and if we are to specialise in the clever R&D stuff to develop new and exciting products based on good IP, then we need these high level skills to stay in the industry.  Loosing them will just prolong the recession IMHO.

In the meantime, if anyone in UK printing is looking for an ink guru with a pedigree ,a “people person” skill set and project management skills, let me know and I will put you in touch. He comes highly recommended from us.