Multiple Accounts using a single Alias in Zimbra

A little back end tweak here to allow multiple Zimbra email accounts to use a single alias.

Normally, you can only assign an alias to one single user, otherwise you are presented with a similar error:

Cannot add alias:
Account user@domain already has alias aliasuser@domain

We needed to be able to allow two user accounts to send emails from the same account (alias); there may be other ways to do this, but the fix that worked for us is:

zmprov ma user1 +zimbraAllowFromAddress
zmprov ma user2 +zimbraAllowFromAddress

To run these commands, You need to connect to your zimbra server (I used SSH) and then su to the zimbra user:

su zimbra

then simply enter the commands:

zmprov ma user1 +zimbraAllowFromAddress
zmprov ma user2 +zimbraAllowFromAddress

that should be all that’s needed.

This basically then allows user1 to use the alias, and user2 to use the same alias, and as far as I can tell, there are no limits to the number accounts you can apply this to. I did actually use two test accounts first to ensure of no problems, but all worked 100%.

Thanks to Matt at Senokian for the suggestion.