book review – trixbox CE 2.6 by Kerry Garrison

I was contacted by the publishers of this new book recently and offered a copy for review of a new book written to support users of Trixbox such as us. Well I’ve read through it, and this is my opinion.

I have never really gone looking for a book such as this, as in most circumstances when we need support I look on google or call our IT support company.  In this respect I dont know what the competition is for a Trixbox support book, but I get the impression that this is a ‘first’.

Overall, I really liked the book, as it uses plain language that a non sys admin can understand to explain what Trixbox is, what it isnt , and how to install, configure and trouble shoot it.  There are simple explanation of lots of functions that I have learnt about the hard way in here, and having read the book, I wish that I had done so before configuring it myself, as it would have saved lots of time, probably about 10 hours of iterative learning.  In this respect, for £28 its very good value. When you put this in the context of the cost of a traditional small business phone system at £5K-£20K – its amazing value as trixbox is of course free and open source.

There are some problems that you just wont solve by using this book and non experienced sys admin.  The major IP network range problem we had that nearly destroyed our migration is not even mentioned in the book .

So, my advice is to buy this book to learn if Trixbox is for you, or if you want to learn how to configure a working system.  Its not going to solve all your installation problems like that mentoned above or instaling ISDN cards, but its a start. It will be a very useful reference for us moving forward – I’m now off to try the direct fax to PDF feature I didnt even know existed now that I’ve read the book!

Its available from here.

Disclosure: I’ve been given a free copy of the book to review and keep, but am under no other pressure or commercial interest in respect of this book.