I’ve bought a Dell Mini 9 that now runs Ubuntu Netbook Remix and connects over 3G using a bluetooth modem

dell mini 9 running ubuntu netbook remix

dell mini 9 running ubuntu netbook remix

I have recently taken delivery of a Dell Mini 9 that came preinstalled with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.  I’ve upgraded the operating system to the latest Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook remix to make it boot faster and so its consistent with my laptop.  Pictured above is it with the charger and the bag I also bought from Dell.

Overall I’m really pleased with it, it small, light, the battery lasts for hours (like 4 hours+) and ideal as a netbook.  The downside is the keyboard can be difficult to type on as the keys are just so close together and I must have fat fingers!

It boots in 42 seconds from cold, and come out of suspend by opening the lid in 5 seconds flat (I kid you not). I have connected it as a 3G modem over bluetooth to my Nokia E90 by using the hack previoulsy published for my laptop so I can use it on wifi and 3G anywhere where there is a signal.

And it was only £199 inc vat –  a bargain.  I would recommend this as a really goog value netbook solution, and as always with Ubuntu, it just works.