the new adsl2+ with annex M service from nildram with the netgear dg834g modem

We have been longstanding customers of Nildram broadband, and recently upgraded one of our lines to the latest generation of high upload speed line offering upto 16mb down / 2.5mb up using annex m. Anyone considering this service may be interested in these results:
EXISTING NETGEAR DG834 v4 ROUTER (allegedly not annex m compatible but still works fine with 5.01.09 firmware):
connection speed 14.64 mb down / 1.17mb up
3 x results:
1) 10.61 / 0.62
2) 10.80 / 0.65
3) 11.24 / 0.73

connection speed 14.34 down / 1.14 up
3 x results:
1) 9.85 / 0.7
2) 8.59 / 0.55
3) 10.45 / 0.72

As you can see the new router Nildram claim that we need is slightly slower, but in any case is nowhere near the 16.00 / 2.5 claimed for the new service. I  wish I did the same test before they “upgraded” the line, but from memory it was about 8mb down / 0.5 up – certainly not a lot different.

Conclusion: – dont buy a new modem if you want this service, as its not worth it.