google chrome OS – no thank you


The blogosphere has been awash today with the news that Google are launching their own operating system.  Of course its easy to say I told you so, but I can confess to putting Chris DeBona, Google’s Open Source Manager on the spot at Lugradio live 2007 Q&As as to when Google would release its own Linux Distro, as strategically it didnt seem sensible for them not to do so.  I didnt believe his reply then that they had no plans to! Anyway, its based on the Linux Kernel, open source, and hopefully using Debian in some way – the Universe is excellent.

I really like my Dell netbook running ubuntu netbook remix, and it will take a lot to get me to move to Chrome OS.  I dont use Google’s Chrome browser as I am suspicious of the data privacy, and qute frankly unless Chrome OS is much, much, better than Ubuntu, then my reply is simply no thank you.  Google is a fantastic business and dare I say it, a free service to the planet’s online community, but if its working towards running my OS, browser, search experience, email and office files, then thats a monopoly I would rather do without.