Royal Mail’s not so ‘tamper proof’ self adhesive stamps

Only a couple of months ago the Royal Mail issued what it claimed to be a ‘tamper proof’ stamp to cut down on the illegal reuse of stamps in the UK.  Yesterday a houseguest showed me how these stamps can be removed with ease, using absolutely no equipment at all.


It is that easy, and the stamp labels are hardly ‘tamper proof’.  Contrast that with our own Dual Layer Label Lock product, that really is a security label in a class of its own.  The label separates into 2 dry peel labels if you try to remove it and cannt be reapplied.

We spend a lot of time attacking our own security labels using a variety of complex techniques, and there are very, very few that are undefeatable.  Royal Mail’s ‘tamper proof’ stamp using outdated security cut technology is not one of them.