Linux Against Poverty – in the UK?


The concept of taking older and redundant windows PCs, triageing them, clean installing linux and passing the machines onto good homes is an excellent one, and cuts out an awful lot of legal problems.  Its being done in the USA and I wonder when it will happen in the uk?

If anyone knows if and when this is going to happen, please let me know and we have a bunch of old machnes we can contribute from our factory in Cannock. Come to think of it, if anyone local to Cannock wants a PC with Linux installed, let me know your circumstances and reasons and I’ll see what we can do.

  • Lynn Bender

    Greetings from Austin!

    I’ve been speaking with people who are already doing similar things in other cities. As soon as the LAP install fest is over, we will be documenting the whole process from front to back, so that our friends in other cities can trade notes. We will be publishing everything, and translating where useful, on the LAP site.

    Lynn Bender
    Linux Against Poverty

  • david mango

    Where did you get the graphic? Sent out your post to some friends everyone agrees we need it on a shirt or stickers or something?