looking for a new UK open source support supplier

When we first started to explore the possibility of moving to open source in 2007, I looked into a number of possible open source support companies and settled on working with Senokian Solutions Ltd, who have been very good for us.  Unfortunately Senokian Solutions Ltd have now ceased trading, and their entrepreneurial MD Jake Stride has moved onto other areas of open source software development with their Tactile CRM product (which I use – its good).  A new company, Senokian Internet Ltd look over our support contract but this business has recently been sold on to a highly capable web hosting company who have agreed to support us as well as they can, but do not specialise in the type of support that we will need long term.

Therefore I may be back in the market for a new supplier of open source software support.  Ideally someone UK based (Midlands would be perfect but not necessary) who knows Ubuntu, Zimbra, Postgresql and Trixbox.  I have to say that I dont know of such a company that offers this – can anyone recommend one please?  Lots of individuals I know have specific skills I can call on, but in the long term a company that aspires to offer open source support as a main part of its business would be ideal.

If you are, or know of such a business, please contact me by email or post a comment – Thank you.