linkedin in labelling

linkedinI was first introduced to in late 2008, but until recently did not consider social networking sites to be a useful business tool.  However, in respect of I am warming to the concept, and finding it useful.  Not radical, but useful.  It is far away more suitable for professional communication than the dreaded facebook (at which I closed my account sometime ago), and I find Twitter nothing less than trivia.

By far the most useful piece of are its special interest groups, covering many very specialised subjects that previously were hard to network in due purely to geography – face to face meetings cost a lot of money!  In particular some of the labelling and business groups have had some good threads in them recently, and I see this site as taking a long term position as the only social networking site for business.

If you have worked with me in labelling / security seals / business link in the West Midlands then I’d be pleased to hear from you.