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2009 chilli crop

2009 chilli crop

One of the UK’s leading bloggers on open source software, Alan Lord (aka the Open Sourcerer) got me thinking some time ago about growing chilli plants.  Alan has just posted pictures of his 2009 chilli crop, and so I think its only fair that I post mine.  Not quite as impressive, but then again most of my conservatory was taken over with monster tomato plants this summer!  Next year I shall try harder – it was good fun and easy to grow chillis.  This is what they look like all preserved.

preserved chillis for winter curries

preserved chillis for winter curries

If you are intereted in preserving chillis, I’ve followed this recipie (with some additional water).

  • Thanks for the complement Adrian.

    What variety(ies) did you grow? They look a bit like the Cayenne. I added some of mine to a small jar of oil to see how that works as a preserving method. Usually though I either dry (in the airing cupboard) or freeze.

    On a different note, my business partner Alan Bell, will be speaking at OggCamp (http://oggcamp.org/) in Wolverhapton on the 25th Oct. If you fancy dropping in please do and say hi. If you can’t make it, perhaps you can pass on the details about this unconference in your region.

    It runs the day after LugRadio Live (http://www.lugradio.org/live/2009/)

    Thanks again,


  • Alan

    I just bought a mixed pack of seeds – some mild, some very hot. Preserving in 100% white wine vinegar is good I’m told too.

    I’m committed that weekend, hope it all goes well.


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