Efficient Pc has closed – for cheap Linux PC’s in the UK try Ginger6

Ginger6.com sell PCs with no operating systesm that work with Ubuntu

Ginger6.com sell PCs with no operating systesm that work with Ubuntu

My home PC was a 9 year old Dell heavyweight box (1ghtz pentium with 512mb ram running ubuntu 9.04) given to me years ago, and it finally gave up its lust for life recently and started tripping my home electrics.

Looking for a new supplier of a good value linux desktop I initially ordered from Efficient PC, but after some days of no response I cancelled the order by email and bought a custom made box from a local supplier to us, Ginger6 in Wolverhampton.  Of course Dell have now stopped selling ubuntu desktops, and for good value linux preinstalled hardwere there are few options in the uk now.  Looking at the Efficient PC site today they have ceased trading.  Ginger6 duly constructed the machine (entry level intel quad core, 4gb sdramm) in 2 days and shipped it over. I installed Ubuntu 9.04 first time with no hassles (“it just works”) and was up and running in under 30 mins after waiting for the hard drive to format.

I’m really pleased with it, ubuntu runs all 4 processors with no config, and its so much quicker than my old machine, especially when running multiple apps / firefox tabs at the same time.  Thank you again to the community who make such fantastic software available to download for free, and I’m happy to recommend Ginger6 as a good value supplier of PC hardware that works with ubuntu linux straight out of the box.  Now all I have to do is persude them to sell ubuntu preinstalled!

  • Martyn



    I’ve been using an EEEPC 901 for 9 months with eeebuntu but it runs out of puff occasionally when I’m developing – not surprising when I’m trying to run an apache/postgresql server, eclipse and pgadmin tools plus a vpn connection to work!

    I’d like something a little faster – any ideas where I can get a laptop with no microsoft tax.

  • @Martyn,

    Take a look at our site http://www.nakedcomputers.org we are cataloguing any vendor that will sell bare metal.

    We have purchased laptops from Novatech in the past that you can buy free of any OS. You get to choose which is quite good so you see how much Windows actually costs.