a whinge about Paris Charles de Gaulle airport – what a dump

I’m pretty well travelled with about 40 countries visited over the years, but I’ve never been to such a poor airport as paris charles de gaulle where I have been 3 times in recent weeks.

  1. Its got the traffic problem from hell, taking 40 mins for the bus I took to the trade show to even get out of the airport
  2. its ugly, and takes for ever to move between gates with everything so far apart
  3. the facilities are diabolical – I’m sat at the gate after security and there is no food or drink anywhere, and through most of the airport there are no seats anywhere
  4. even the plugs for laptops wont take overseas adapters, its as if the airport has gone out of its way to make life difficult for travellers
  5. the wifi is more expensive than switzerland
  6. it looks like something designed by overly creative schoolchildren

Suffice to say I will avoid this place in future and recommend others to do so as well!

  • Some years ago, traveling I had the choice of direct from LHR or East Mids via Charles de Gaulle. Traveling back on a Friday, I decided to go for the short route home. What a mistake. No signs to tell you where to go, no information about a delayed flight, which ended up being cancelled some hours later, and when asked why we had not been told, was told that I know now!! What a joy!! I avoid it at all costs now.