Solution for Cowan Iaudio “read-only file system” error

cowon iaudio iplayer for mp3sI have been using a cowon iaudio iplayer for playing MP3s for some time now, as its the only small mp3 player I could find that mounted natively in linux without special software that needed to be run under WINE or similar.

Today I had a problem whereby after a power cut where the unit was charging and the unmount had not been done “properly”, it refused to mount in any other way but “read only”, and no amount of CHMOD 777 ing would solve it (see this post also).  In the end I found the solution was simple but brutal.

  1. copy the SYSTEM directory to a different device over USB
  2. reformat using ubuntu linux system>adminitration>disk utility in FAT32
  3. copy the directory back and any files you want to listen to
  4. it then works.

Ok, you have to recopy all the files back again, and at 15GB capacity thats a few hours of USB transfer, but its the only way I could find.

USB mounting under linux just isnt as forgiving under linux as windows, as I’ve previously blogged abut, and thats a shame.