get fit in 2010 by running whilst listening to really good podcasts

cowon iaudio iplayer for mp3sA couple of months ago I started getting into running.  I’ve always found running really boring, even at the gym watching TV, listening to music whilst pounding the pavement, or whatever.  However, I’ve now discovered the secret – podcasts.

Download any podcast on a specialised subject that you enjoy, but dont get time to listen to normally, load it onto your MP3 player, and get out there and enjoy the fresh air whilst losing weight, getting fit and all that good stuff.

To get you started, here are some good podcasts that I regularly download and listen too whilst running:

  1. Shot of Jaq -twice weekly 10 minute podcasts on technology from the legendary Jono Bacon + “Aq”
  2. Prime Ministers Questions – the UK’ weekly political punchup
  3. Small Biz Pod – small business podcast with some very good interviews
  4. FLOSS – weekly open source podcast
  5. The Naked Scientists – science podcast from some boffins

I’d love to find some more good ones on similar themes – please comment on this post if you can suggest any!

  • Andy

    Are there any good porncasts…that would help me start running!