10 predictions for 2010

What treats does 2010 hold ?

What treats does 2010 hold ?

Last year I made a bunch of predictions for 2009 – some of which have come true, and others not.  I think I got 1,2,4, and 10 right. 8 is coming with the Google Nexus One phone running Android. The others I got wrong, or show no signs of happening. Hey Ho.

So, here are my 10 predictions for 2010:

  1. Sterling will fall below the value of the euro before June 2010 and the FTSE 100 will rise from 5400 to 6000 during 2010
  2. The Conservatives will win the 2010 UK general election and instigate big cuts in the public sector
  3. Inflation will return in 2010, with the RPI reaching above 4% by December
  4. There will be a pile of administrations and pre packs of UK retail business in January and February, and by the autumn of 2010 the banks (assisted by HMRC) will be closing down lots of businesses and crystallising a bunch of loss making liabilities before their year end
  5. There will be lots of consolidation in the UK label printing market, with many companies ceasing trading on the back of tighter credit control from the material suppliers linked to 20% material price rises from the devaluing of sterling.
  6. The volume of labelling material converted by the UK labelling industry will continue to fall during 2010 as alternative packaging technologies such as shrink sleeves take over in the high volume food and logistic labelling markets.
  7. 2D QR barcodes on digital labels will become a standard tool for B2C marketing as smartphone cameras connect to webpages
  8. The must have gadgets for xmas 2010 will be a home ADSL based internet TV and recording box and Google will follow their  Nexus One phone with a chrome OS powered tablet PC.
  9. Virgin will launch a true 100mbps synchronous SDSL home internet connection with fibre to the house
  10. Our Label Lock security labels will continue to find new and interesting markets!

2010 is going to be an exciting year, some great commercial opportunities and we are looking forward to it!

Any comments?