Using a samsung security label to show the difference between a brand protection label and a tamper evident label

I bought a new printer cartridge yesterday and it was delivered with a really neat security label on it that looks great, has some good features, but IMHO entirely misses the point.  As you can see from the photo below, it is a branded security label from Samsung that is applied to seal the box closure by the red tab with security cuts as its only tamper evidence mechanism.

samsung0Here is a close up of the label in place sealing the box over the blue printed area (see the carton cut being sealed to the right), showing its 2D QR barcode and the colourshift ink (red and yellow overprint)


and the colourshift looked at from a different angle in blue and purple


the problem is that the tamper has a very low level of tamper evident security, and can be removed with ease (but I’m not telling how!).  Here is a picture of the removed label, reapplied a few cms away on the box… not much a seal then.


I then applied one of our dual layer Label Lock security labels (uncustomised version off the shelf) to the place where the Samsung label was. Ok, its a bit big, but makes the point.


I then attacked it in the same way that I removed the Samsung label and it still indicated the tamper as it should do, leaving a big dry peel OPENED message on the box and in the removed label.

samsung5and this is the carton opening that the label was supposed to protect.


The lesson here is that you really have to work out in advance what your “security label” is for – is it to prevent counterfeiting (brand protection), and/or prevent tampering of a closure.  This security label is a good brand protection label that is hard to counterfeit that is used to prevent tampering, but dosnt work as a security seal.

We offer selected brands the opportunity to use our latest Label Lock security label technology to secure their product closures with bespoke security labels inclusing colourshift inks, tactile features etc, as well as deter counterfeiting.  Please contact us if you dont want to fall into the same trap!