Xeikon 3500 to debut at IPEX

Xeikon 3500

Xeikon 3500

Well the news is out – the new Xeikon press is called the 3500 (not the 3600 I guessed!) and “width” is the new development as suggested by my informant.

“The Xeikon 3500 can run web widths of 200 to 512mm wide at speeds of up to 19.2m/min, regardless of the number of colours used.”

This takes the new press just above the productivity of the serious competition, the heavyweight WS 6000. Taking the headline capacities, at 4 colours, the WS6000 can run 317mm at 30 m/min which is 9.5 m2/minute, and the Xeikon 35000 can run 512mm x 19.2 m/minute which is 9.8 m2/minute.  Thats about a 3% improvement over the WS6000, which is nothing but a headline grabber.  However, Xeikon can now claim to offer to either match or beat both the quality and productivity of any digital labelling press.

I look forward to seeing it at IPEX.

Visit IPEX to hear more, and hopefully see one in action.