10 things to recall from the noughties before the next general election

The leaders election debate is this evening
The leaders election debate is this evening

I am a  proud graduate from the University of Birmingham where the final pre-election leaders debate is being held this evening in the Great Hall at 20.30.

In an idle few minutes recently I recalled 10 things to reflect on before the 2010 UK General Election next week.  I dont normally “do” politics, but once every 5 years I’ll make an exception and remember some of the things politicians have given us in the past decade that I’ve been less than impressed with…

  1. The £750 million Millenium Dome
  2. Cash for Honours & Cash for Questions
  3. The rise of stealth taxes
  4. The hunting ban
  5. The huge rise in the public sector leading to a bloated government
  6. The continued transfer of power from the UK parliament to the EU
  7. Massive red tape in business and the demise of social responsibility and common sense
  8. MPs expenses
  9. The war in Iraq, the Dodgy Dossier, Dr David Kelly and the 45 minute claim
  10. Boom and bust, and the £800bn public debt (and rising)

Food for thought.  Lets hope that whatever happens in the 2010s after the election it does not include such things again – its time for a change IMHO.

Enjoy the debate this evening on BBC1.


(Opinions above are my own, not that of my employer etc!)