How to configure a SNOM 300 phone for a conference call using TRIXBOX

We use a lot of SNOM 300 VOIP phones at our sites, and have just cracked a way to make conference calls on them, which is not obvious or covered by the manual. If you are trying to do this:

  1. Login to your phone using the web GUI via http://its.IP.x.x and select function L4 – directory, (or any function you dont use)
  2. change the function tag to   F_CONFERENCE
  3. save

to make a conference call,

  1. call the first call, speak and put on hold by pressing the L1 line 1 button
  2. dial the second number and speak to them
  3. press L4 and all 3 callers are connected
  • MO JO Ham

    HI Adrian,

    Is there anyway to make an automatic conf call without pressing keypad? like dialing any random number as first extension and then configure the snom phone 300 to automatically dial a second extension which is a permanent number ?