IPEX review from a labelling perspective

IPEX logo 2I’ve been away on holiday recently and so this short review of IPEX from a labelling perspective is a little late, and therefore short.  IPEX isnt really a big labelling show, but there were some points of interest for us. Briefly:

  • Inkjet still marches on some new offerings from Domino and Konica Minolta, but the quality of all the 4 colour inkjet units I saw was still not very good, and no where near as good as the Xeikon or HP or even flexo.  More work still needed, 600 dpi isnt going to cut it IMHO.
  • The Xeikon 3500 was worth looking at, but curiously didnt have a conversion solution configured for labelling, it is more of a mid web packaging press, especially as the toner prices for white are significantly lower than currently offered to users such as us at Mercian Labels.
  • The new Epson label printer was on show, even though its not for sale yet I understand.  I first saw a flyer for this machine in 2001, and even after all these years its just completely missed the point for me.  It runs at about 3 m/min verses the Xeikon and HP 20+ m/min ish, and even faster for continuous inkjet (albeit it with generally poor quality).  The quality is excellent though, but I still cannt see a market for the machine at all.  Shame, if it was half the price and 5 times the speed it may be viable, but in its current form I really dont think they will sell many at all.
  • There was nothing new from HP in labelling that I could tell (without getting caught up in the hard core HP sales process!)

Overall, if you didnt go, I dont think you missed much, and Label Expo Europe remains the major show.  If you want a fuller labelling review of IPEX, check this out.