Digital Labels and Packaging Magazine launched by Whitmar Publications

the cover of the new publication

the cover of the new publication

A new magazine landed on my desk yesterday, “Digital Labels and Packaging Magazine“.  I scanned it this morning and fund it to be a reasonable summary of the state of the digital labelling machinery marketplace, with big adverts and plugs from all the major players apart from Epson.  I’d recommend this as a one off read, but as so little happens in this arena outside of the big shows, I’m struggling to see what fresh content is going to arrive with each new edition every quarter.  Time will tell I guess!

  • Sean Smyth

    Thanks for the plug.
    I edit the magazine and you are right, there are few new launches and I’m not expecting much at the forthcoming LabelExpo in September.
    What I am interested in is case studies and real examples of how companies are adopting new technology and making money out of it. I would certainly be interested in talking with you and featuring you guys as one of the early adopters of digital technology. We are also running a round table where we get players together with a couple of brand owners and equipment vendors to discuss a range of issues and see what comes out of that. Again, if you are interested I would be pleased to invite you, the next one is in Spetember at Thame (off the M40)

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