coffee spill+old laptop=new laptop , but the windows 7 EULA has changed

screenshot of the windows 7 eula - no refund here!

screenshot of the windows 7 eula - no refund here!

I had a coffee spill over my laptop yesterday which killed my 5 year old HP nx6125 laptop, so I ordered a new one and it arrived today.  Its a HP Compaq Presario CQ61 for about £280+vat, cheap and cheerful as these things so, but as always came bundled with Microsoft Windows.  I tried to buy a naked computer with no OS, but it was substantialy more expensive.  I therefore took advantage of the windows subsidy of loads of  bundled software and bought it, immediately overwriting the windows instalation before use with Ubuntu 10.10.  It took less keyboard time to install Ubuntu that it took to write this post!  ubuntu 10.10 works perfectly, first time, no hassle, and I’m writing this post on it now.

Unfortunately the new windows 7 EULA dosnt permit refunds, which is a shame so I wont try to get a refund on the windows tax this time, but there you go.

Ubuntu 10.10 is excellent!

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