Guide to packaging and labelling law 2011.

Guide to packaging and labelling law 2011.

We have been provided with a review copy of a new book on packaging and labelling published by Content Publications aimed at managers in the packaging industry.  Written by solicitor & law lecturer Charles James, “Guide to packaging and labelling law 2011” is to our knowledge the only book of its kind, and is of potential interest to customers at our short run printed labels division at Mercian Labels.

The first thing to note from skim reading the book is the enormous amount of complex legislations, EU directives and other rules you have to follow in labelling products.

The Table of contents is comprehensive:



1 Whom Does Packaging and Labelling Law Affect? 1
2 Negligence, Product Liability, Consumer Protection, Manslaughter, Corporate Manslaughter 5
3 Contract Law. Trade Descriptions Act 1968. 29
4 Recycling 45
5 Pallets and Crates and Glass 67
6 Waste 73
7 Intellectual Property 81
8 Fraud 95
9 Weights and Sizes 97
10 Child Labour, Slave Labour, Conflict Diamonds, and Ivory. 115
11 Labelling generally 119
12 How to research the law yourself &How to manage your lawyers 127-129
APPENDICES (See List) 136-379

Whilst not an entertaining read, it is the first point of call for small companies looking to check anything to do with labelling or packaging.  If you cannt find it here, at least you will know where to look!

Priced at £40, you can buy it direct from Charles’ website at Content Publications.