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The Landa Nanography launch show was amazing

The Landa Nanography launch show was amazing

Having just visited the immense DRUPA print technology show in Germany last week I thought I would share some of the highlights for me, from a label and carton printing perspective.

For those who are unaware of the DRUPA show, it is held every 4 years in Dusselldorf and is the biggest print show in the world.  For a start it is reported that there are 30,000 people working on the 1850 stands themselves exhibiting to 350,000 people over 14 days.  It is immense and showcases the best innovations in print with all major announcements being made at the show.  The Guardian newspaper reported that “Rivals launch a printing revolution that could be as significant as Gutenberg

The highlight has to be the launch of the Landa nanographic printing technique by the infamous Benny Landa.  The ticket only launch show (pictured above) was an amazing piece of marketing and choreography.  The technology concept is superb, the machine operation inspirational, the speed at 200m/min fantastic, but the current print quality is poor with lots of deep lines characteristic of all inkjet machines to date, but is expected to get much better in the next 2 years before machines are sold into the field.

a picture of the demonstration images form the Landa Nano presses, shielded by glass, but he lines are clear to see from left to right

a picture of the demonstration images form the Landa Nano presses, shielded by glass, but the lines are clear to see from left to right

The operation of the machine was revolutionary with the entire side of the machine being a touchscreen display like a smart phone, you can see it on this video of part of the show – you have to watch this….


There were some exciting proof of concept displays including the Trillium high speed liquid toner technology by Xeikon.  There is an excellent article on this on whattheythink.com   It was well hidden behind lots of plate glass though, and again, not due for sale for about the next 2 years.

For digital carton printing, the Highcon Euclid laser cutting, resin creasing digital carton converting line was very clever, and no doubt will sell well.

HP had their new 20000 wide format digital presses for packaging on show.

The quality of the best UV inkjet label printing presses continues to improve, with the Durst and SPG machines setting the standards in my opinion, but still not equivalent to the default standard set by HP Indigo and Xeikon 3xxx series.

There were other exciting developments that I am not going to comment on in public as they are commercially sensitive for our digital labels and carton printing business at the current time.

Overall, an excellent show, and a struggle to get around in 2 days.  in 2016 it will have to be 3 days I think.

Did anyone find anything else worth noting?