A downloadable Pantone colour guide for our label printing customers

Pantone colours

Pantone colours

Many customers designing digital labels are interested in maintaining colour consistency, and the most common system to standardise colours in the Pantone system used by printers and designers worldwide.  There are significant problems in sharing colours, as a persons view of a specific colour does change depending on the substrate, printing process, background light frequency and other factors.

Computer monitors are typically RGB based, which does not allow the 4 colour CMYK based system label printers such as us use to be accurately represented across the web.

We have however prepared a downloadable PDF colour chart to allow customers and designers to view an RGB view of pantone colours.

Our Xeikon digital process is CMYK based and offers fantastic resolution and colour matching, but if you want to match a particular colour please tell our sales team when you are ordering, preferably supply a hard copy to match to, and maybe ask for a free press proof to make sure you get what you want.