Looking for more #Graphic and #Packaging #Design Agencies to join our new UK directory of product label designers

IDEOSYNC are the first addition to our database of Graphic Designers you can use to design your labels

IDEOSYNC are the first addition to our UK Directory of Product Label Designers you can use to design your labels

Following our recent announcement, we are delighted that the first design agency to join our new UK Directory of Product Label Designers are IDEOSYNC, a dynamic Gloucestershire based creative agency creating instant brand recognition and engaging marketing solutions.  We love their work on the Urban Oasis labels!

You can read more about them and see their work at the UK Directory of Product Label Designers

If you are a UK based graphic design company, perhaps one who has worked with us before, then we would welcome the following in an email to adrian.steele@mercianlabels.com :

  • between 1 and 5 high quality photographs from your portfolio showcasing labels you have designed on the relevant product
  • max 100 words of introduction to your company
  • Company name, address, contact name, email and website details

We will then review submissions and post them onto the new  UK Directory of Product Label Designers within 7 days of submission.  All at no cost, and if our customers like your work, then they can contact you direct and see if you can do some business.