“Food Safety and Digital Printing” technical paper reconfirms our @Xeikon dry toner technology is as safe as possible for use on food packaging

Is the ink used to print your food labels and packaging safe, or not?The best technical articles in labelling and packaging often come from NarrowWebTech, and this month’s article by Dr Lode Deprez of Xeikon is no exception.  You can read the article here.

It contains an expert assessment on the migration risk of contaminants from digitally printed  food packaging inks into food, an issue we have written about before.

The key message from this article is that the Xeikon dry toner technology we use is as safe as it gets, and being FDA foodsafe certified for direct and indirect food contact, by having your labels printed by us you can be confident that you are minimising the risks of any future claims or product recalls.