QR code marketing – an excellent article with case study from Henkel Retail

QR Code marketing - a sticky subject - PPW  #3 2012

QR Code marketing – a sticky subject – PPW #3 2012

One of the most interesting developments in recent years for cross media engagement of consumers with the web is the use of QR codes being read by smartphones to draw customers to promotion specific website pages or promotional micro sites.

If you are interested in using QR codes on labels to engage consumers with your online presence, then you will appreciate this article in the latest edition of Package Print Worldwide.  The global Henkel brand has used QR codes on printed cartons to draw users to its website to show how to use its contact adhesive correctly.  You can read it online or download it as a PDF.

We can supply both static and variable QR Labels using our digital labelling press, and if you are interested in running a marketing campaign using QR codes then please contact us to discuss your plans. Dont forget that by using variable QR codes you can direct each label user to a slightly different part of your website, which is the about the best conversion metric data you can get!