The humble barcode is 60 years old and we celebrate by making the worlds biggest barcode label!


At 40m, is this the world's biggest barcode label?

At 40m, is this the world’s biggest barcode label?

Did you know that its the 60th birthday of the patenting of the humble barcode yesterday?

To celebrate, the clever guys and girls at our specialist barcode label division at AC Labels in Derby have done this, what we think is the worlds longest working linear barcode label produced in a single pass with no stitching of image or material.  At 40m long, it took just over 2 minutes to print on our new Xeikon 3300 using a Code 128 Barcode with data that reads “HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY BARCODE!”.  We have filed the claim with the Guinness Book of Records, and we await their award!

You can read more about this world record attempt on their blog here.