Exciting new developments from the biennial @Xeikon user community event

All the technical, commercial and R&D track events were packed out with attendees from around the Eurozone and further afield

All the technical, commercial and R&D track events were packed out with attendees from around the Eurozone and further afield

We are huge fans of the Xeikon digital labelling platform at Mercian Labels as it delivers fantastic quality, speed and consistency to our customer brands.  One of the most exciting events in our professional calendar is therefore the biennial user conference held at the Xeikon HQ in Lier, Belgium where the latest ideas are shared between Xeikon scientists and commercial managers and the global community of users.  This year’s event was held last week and attracted over 100 digital labelling professionals from around Europe and further afield.  I dont know if the Belgian beer or the technical developments “from the basement” were the biggest attraction but it was completely oversubscribed and some customers who wanted to attend at the last minute were unable to!

Some the the recent public announcements were explained in more detail including a new prepress function, durable clear toner for digital carton printing, pantone controlled colour control in the cloud and a cutting edge software platform called Vectorisation for laser die cutting of labels, which is slowly making its ways into the industry as it makes the manufacturing process truly digital with no solid tools or plates needed whatsoever.

The new Trillium platform launched at DRUPA was explained in more detail, and a number of other future developments were disclosed that are still being kept under wraps until their launch in 2013.  They are some very exciting and significant advances planned for Xeikon in 2013 and whilst we are sworn to secrecy at this stage, once they are launched we will be bringing them to our customers and include it on this blog as they will further advance the capabilities of the Xeikon’s top end electrophotography process.

The second day consisted of an excellent series of 3 track seminars on topics related to digital label printing, digital flexo plate making and print service providers.  With presentations on how to use digital technology in every way from digital folding carton printing to in mold labelling, digital workflows, brand protection, digital foiling, future print technologies, FDA/Nestle/EU food safety standards for food packaging and variable data labelling and lots more, it was a packed day!

Thanks to everyone at Xeikon who organised the best ever biennial users community event!