Label Showcase: Fixing The Future With sugru Self Setting Rubber


100g pack of sugru featuring transparent labels from

At Mercian Labels we take great pride in the fact that we are able to provide a huge array of labels and stickers to all sorts of businesses for all sorts of products. We have supplied our labels to a huge number of customers over the years, from manufacturers of medical supplies, to producers of niche food items. Our ability to produce high quality, short-run printed labels has enabled us to engage with a wide spectrum of businesses.

The nature of our labels means that it can sometimes be difficult for us to show off exactly what we can do as most of the labels are made to order, making it difficult to display all the various options available in a catalogue. Therefore, to help provide a little insight into exactly what it is we can do, we have decided to showcase some of the products and services that our customers offer and which incorporate our labels.

The first of our case studies looks at an innovative new product called sugru, an interesting innovation which we are sure will become a household name in the next few years.

sugru is a self-setting rubber that is capable of bonding to pretty much any other material that you can think of. The user is able to mold sugru into any shape or form, from a flat strip to a tube, before leaving overnight to set. When morning arrives, what was a soft malleable compound, has transformed into a flexible, but strong silicone rubber. What’s more, once set sugru is waterproof, heat and cold resistant and even electrically insulating – meaning it is hugely adaptable! The fact that it is available in a variety of colours means that it can blend with or stand out from the item it is being bonded to, depending on your requirements.


Since the product was launched, consumers have utilised sugru in all manner of ways, including:

  • Repairing washing machine seals
  • Fixing saw handles
  • Lining wakeboarding boots
  • Modifying sprinkler systems
  • Drop-proofing cameras

Fans of the product are even taking to the internet to show the crazy ways that they have used sugru to repair damaged items, or adapt them to makes their lives easier.

When sugru came to us, they gave us a specification to provide transparent labels, which effectively displayed their company logo, without spoiling the aesthetics of the packaging. Due to the fact that sugru begins to set once it comes into contact with air, it comes in air-tight foil packaging, which is naturally appealing on the eye.

Using our expertise and knowledge, we were able to supply sugru with the perfect labels with which to display their branding and show off their product. We’re happy to say that sugru were delighted with the labels that we supplied and look forwards to a lasting relationship as we help sugru to shape the future.

If you want to learn more about sugru, or if you wish to order some of this fantastically fun self-setting rubber, visit, where an 8 x 5g multicolour pack will cost you just £11.