Alcoholic Drinks Labels To Include Calorie Content?

wine glassGovernment officials revealed earlier this month that they are in talks with the alcoholic drinks industry over the possible inclusion of calorie details on drinks labels.  The move comes following an official study, which shows that the amount of calories found in alcoholic drinks is playing a significant role in the number of overweight and obese people.

It is hoped that those who watch their weight will be encouraged to cut down their alcohol consumption when they see the calorie information on wine bottle labels and other alcoholic drinks, which in turn could help reduce the number of alcohol related deaths and illnesses, easing some of the strain on the NHS.

Whilst many of us take note of the number of calories that we consume when it comes to food, fewer are aware of just how fattening alcoholic drinks can be.  It is a subject that the Drink Aware Trust has been trying to raise awareness about since it was formed in 2006.  Below we have compiled a list of alcoholic beverages, the calories they contain, number of units that represent and what food they are comparable to, based on information provided by the Drink Aware Trust.


Anna Soubry, a health minister, brought up the on-going discussions following a parliamentary question from the Conservative MP for Romford, Andrew Rosindell, revealing that she and the Government are “committed to improving the labelling of alcohol drink.”  Mrs Soubry went on to reveal that the change has been on the agenda for some time:

“The Department has discussed the possible inclusion of calorie content on labels with representatives of the alcoholic drinks industry on a number of occasions.”

The possibility that the European Commission may suggest that mandatory information regarding calories are displayed on alcoholic drinks was also raised.  However, with the European Commission not due to review this issue for another 2 years, it could be some time before such a move is enforced.

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