Announcing a new label & carton design service in partnership with Pillbox Design



We are delighted to announce a new service we are offering in conjunction with the packaging design experts at Pillbox Design.

There are many, many graphic designers in the marketplace, and whilst some have a real understanding of design issues for printed packaging, it is unfortunately the case that some believe that excellent website design skills can be translated to packaging design with no loss of impact or risk of catastrophe.

We love working with label and packaging designers as they constantly challenge the boundaries of our capabilities to get the best results for the brand owner client, especially in digital and foil combination labelling.

It is our experience that the best, most cost effective results come from working with packaging designers who really know packaging and understand that packaging is fundamentally a mechanical representation of an electronic design, and has to work ‘on press’ to be effective.

Pillbox Design are one of the UK’s leading independent packaging designers and winners of the Packaging Innovations Show Design award in 2012.  Led by Duncan Robinson, his team of Elliot, Ed and Nick (see below) and are able to design labels and cartons for small businesses with design inspiration and a knowledge of the technical requirements for the image to work ‘on pack’.

Duncan and his team will work in an exclusive arrangement with Mercian Labels customers to a discounted, fixed price list for various label design services.

Pillbox are now Mercian Labels’ recommended supplier of label and carton design services and we recommend that you use them.

To get a quote for your label design requirements, please email or call your usual sales team contact.


Profiles of the Pillbox team

Duncan Robinson

Duncan continues a remarkable 170-year family trend of inventing and developing packs and packaging machinery which began when John B Robinson started manufacturing pillboxes in 1839. His career path includes both running and adapting packaging machinery, pushing carton design beyond the normal boundaries and patenting a number of designs. Much of Duncan’s last 10 years has been spent as a technical advisor on packaging to the world’s leading pharmaceutical producers and he is the foremost authority on the use of Braille in carton packaging.

Elliot Hithersay

Elliot is a creative Product Design and Marketing graduate and combines a keen eye for detail with creativity. His career path encompasses Graphics, Artwork, Video Presentations, Point of Sale and Packaging Design, whilst making use of his language skills, being fluent in French and having an aptitude for most European languages.

Ed Watson

Ed has worked in the Print and Packaging industries for 23 years, the last 9 years being in the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Packaging sector. Having begun his career in production CAD, Ed moved to a large design studio where his ability to conceive and develop innovative packaging solutions was rewarded with a number of design patents for packs. Ed’s designs have been used for the largest grossing consumer pharmaceutical in history.

Nicholas P Drew

Nick has over 25 years experience of supplying artwork for Litho and Screen print. For the last 12 years Nick has worked in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector running a central Artwork service. Nick has overseen the re-branding for major blue chip clients and has an in depth knowledge of regulatory and market requirements for packaging.