Label Showcase: Looking Great With Suntana Spray Tan

chocolateframePersonal grooming is a rapidly expanding market, with more money spent on health and beauty products than ever before. At Mercian Labels we have many customers that fall into this area and who have specific labelling requirements dependant on their products.

One of our most recent clients from the health and beauty industry is Suntana, who provide a range of products and services, including:

  • Spray tan
  • Spray tanning machines
  • Tanning tents and extractors
  • Protective tanning clothing
  • Spray tan training courses

Suntana are best known for their custom-fragranced tanning products, which offer a safer alternative to sunbeds. Their comprehensive range includes a variety of distinct and evocative fragrances, including Blackberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Coconut and everyone’s favourite – chocolate!

When Suntana wanted some new labelling for their spray tan products, in what is an increasingly competitive area, they came to Mercian Labels. Whilst Suntana wished to retain brand identity throughout their tanning range, they also wanted customers to be able to easily recognise between the different shades available.

This has been achieved through the use of imagery on the labelling, with coconuts used on the lighter coloured tanning mouse, through to chocolate used on the darker variation. In order for consumers to be able to differentiate between the collection, it is essential that the imagery is sharp and that the colours are vibrant and consistent. In terms of performance, Suntana required a robust label that could withstand the moisture that it is likely to come into contact with whilst the spray tan is being applied.

We think that the bottles look great and Suntana were more than happy with the labels that we provided. And having received a few complimentary bottles from Sutana to show us how the labels looked in situ, we can confirm that the chocolate and cherry variations smell amazing!

If you’d like to hear more about that health and beauty labels that we can provide then please call Mercian Labels on 01543 431 070 or email us at