Label Showcase: Pushing The Boundaries With High5

High-5-Logo1For almost 20 years, High5 have provided the very best in sports nutrition products; enabling both fitness enthusiasts and professional competitors to achieve the best possible results. The company, which is run by athletes who regularly compete in a variety of sporting events, has rightly earned the reputation as an industry leader, with High5 products used as the on-course nutrition at over 150 races in the UK.

Constantly looking for ways to enable athletes to go faster and further, High5 have always pushed the boundaries, and have a number of notable victories, including:

  • First in the world to launch fructose 2:1 energy drinks
  • First in the world to research 2:1 performance gains & produce step-by-step nutrition guides
  • First in Europe to launch 4:1 carbohydrate & protein drink for use during and after sport
  • First in the world to undertake advanced carbohydrate absorption testing with elite athletes
  • First in Europe to use real fruit juice for a refreshing taste

The High5 range is ideal for providing athletes support at every stage of their sporting challenge, including stimulant drinks to aid reaction time and concentration, energy drinks to counter fatigue and post exercise nutrition drinks to aide recovery.

high5The nature of the environments in which such products are consumed means that their packaging must be both robust and water resistant. So when High5 were looking to freshen up their product labelling, they turned to Mercian Labels for help.

Having provided printed product labels to the health and nutritional food sector for many years, we were perfectly placed to deliver quality packaging in keeping with the strict standards that High5 demand.

The labels that we have provided are more than capable of meeting that challenges that they are likely to encounter on the race courses throughout the UK. In addition, they have been manufactured using FDA approved dry toner technology, to ensure that there is no contamination of the product.

Everyone at Mercian Labels will be keeping an eye on High5 for further innovations in the coming months and years and we look forwards to working with them in the future.

If you would like to discuss the capabilities of our digitally printed labels then please give us a call on 01543 431 070 or email