Labels Showcase: Sticking To A Healthy Diet With CoCo-Jacks

coco-jacksThe popularity of health foods continues to grow, as more of us look to take better care of our bodies. Whilst planning healthy meals is a huge step in the right direction, it is only half the battle, with many falling into the trap of unhealthy between meal snacks. Fortunately, Focused Nutrition has developed the perfect solution.

The health food retailer, who has in the past worked with the National Health Service to develop nutritional products, has created CoCO-Jacks. Made using wholegrain oats, coconut oil and chia seed, the energy bar is aimed at adults and children alike, offering the perfect snack on the go for a range of situations, including:

  • When exercising outdoors
  • As an after school bite for the kids
  • Whilst working at the office

As demonstrated in the table below, the ingredients found in CoCo-Jacks offer excellent protein and fibre, in addition to having anti-oxidant properties.


Focused Nutrition came to Mercian Labels in the knowledge that they required product labels capable of making the rght visual impact, in an increasingly competitive market. In addition, they needed to safeguard against the prospect of claims against them, or product recall, due to food contamination.

coco-jacks-enrgy-barDrawing upon our vast experience in the production of printed food labels, we were able to provide the perfect packaging for CoCo-Jacks. As you can see, our state of the art Xeikon digital printer has delivered razor-sharp imagery and fantastic colour depth. And thanks to the use of FDA approved dry toner technology, Focused Nutrition can be sure their product labelling is 100% safe for their health conscious customers.

At the request of our client, we have also included a QR code on the product label, which can be scanned by consumers with a compatible mobile device, to find out more details about CoCo-Jacks. Focused Nutrition is so happy with the CoCo-Jacks packaging that they have asked us to provide them with printed labels for another of their Bespoke Bakery clients.

We have had a few boxes of CoCo-Jacks sent through from Focussed Nutrition as a thank you and we can tell you that they taste absolutely fantastic!

If you would like to hear more about the vast range of product labels that Mercian Labels offer, please give us a call on 01543 431 070 or email