New food labels legislation


In yet another change to the food labelling regulations, last week brought news of the new UK “traffic light” system for front of pack food labelling.

The design on the left is indicative of the new, consistent way of presenting food nutrition information in an easy to understand format.  There are good articles on this issue on the BBC, NHS and Food Manufacture websites.

Under new European Union rules previously covered on this blog, manufacturers will be required to provide particular nutritional information by December 2016 (the Food Information Regulations or FIR). However any manufacturer that chooses to provide front-of-pack information will have to comply with the EU regulation by the end of 2014 according to this format.

This is going to require a lot of labels to be redesigned, and this would be an ideal time to swap to digital labelling to remove all the printing plate costs of conventional flexography.

If you are a food manufacturer or retailer looking to incorporate this new front of pack labelling system into your packaging then please call us on 01543 431 070 or email to learn how we can help you out.




  • Gillian Farren

    Hello Adrian,
    Very nice to see you covering this game-changing development within the food manufacturing industry, and for all of us involved in food and health.
    Gillian Farren
    Food for Good Health