How Xeikon digital label printing toner is made

Whats this video about?

Xeikon have this great video of their toner production process.  We visited the toner production factory in 2010 and saw the toner manufacturing plant in action.  Its pretty noisy by the way!  As a general interest post we are including it here for those interested in digital label printing.

What is toner?

Toner is a dry powder mixture that is electrically charged so that it adheres to a drum or plate. The toner is fed directly into the printer from hoppers and is then melted by the heat of a fuser and is consequently bound to the material.

What do we use toner for?

Toner is an essential consumable we use on a daily basis. Every single label or carton that comes off our Xeikon 3300 is printed with toner to create the image. Like any label printing technique, we use four different colours (CMYK) in combination to make the many millions of colours we can produce on our digital label machine.

What benefits of there of using toner to print labels?

3 things: