One of our more unusual label jobs hits the national headlines… Woof & Brew’s ‘Bottom Sniffer’ beer for dogs !

beer dog mailWe were delighted to read about our customer Woof & Brew  and their new product that was covered in the Daily Mail last week…..

Are you ready for this fabulous idea – ‘Bottom Sniffer‘ beer for dogs!

Providing the ultimate refreshment after a hard day or perhaps a ‘hair of the dog’, this non-alcoholic, non-carbonated doggy tipple will have other dogs bottom sniffing with jealousy and give your dog real ‘tail swagger’ making them leader of the pack!

Its a really good looking label that works well with the bottle’s colour and shape to push a fabulously quirky product idea that’s caught the public’s imagination.

Produced on our Xeikon digital presses, such products allow brands to test market all sorts of product and brand concepts to see how their customer base reacts without expensive origination commitments.

Maybe we’ll enter it in a competition and see if it wins another beer label award for us!

Great work by the team at Woof & Brew and Mercian Labels!