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NPS scores – why we are so popular with our customers 101

18th November 2022 Hugo Gell 0 Comments

We love our customers – and it seems they love us!

To see what they have said about our recent performance, head over to our Net Promoter Score (NPS) page on the website – https://www.mercianlabels.com/nps/

Good or bad, we publish our customers’ comments every month, and October’s orders produced a World Class NPS score of +75%! Very few businesses achieve these heady heights; for example Amazon typically record a very good score of +62%, Manufacturing in general about +51%, so +75% is really something to be proud of.

So if you’re already a customer, our thanks to you for your support – it seems that at least 75% of you would recommend us 🙂

If you’re not yet a customer, why not join a happy community of label users and reap the benefits of exceptional service and World Class manufacturing?




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