Document Management Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels for document management companies and libraries

Our sister company at AC Labels are the UK market leaders in the manufacture of variable barcode labels for the document management companies and libraries.

Barcode Labels for document management companies and libraries

barcode-labels-300x203 They manufacture medium to high volumes of barcode labels on rolls and sheets with multiple colours for many different applications including high volume box labels, warehousing labelling and book labelling for libraries for track and trace purposes.

Colour can be added as required, and they pay the utmost care to ensure that the sequence of variable data you send us from a database of CSV file is precisely reflected in the labels they produce.

Barcode Label Capabilities for document management companies and libraries

double-labels-stack Our highly specialised presses incorporate conventional flexographic printing with leading edge high speed toner based digital printing equipment, enabling us to add sequential numbering and barcodes in one pass, making our process very cost effective when compared to other digital printing technologies such as conventional digital label printing or thermal transfer label printing.

At AC Labels they offer complex self adhesive label constructions for document management & library applications presented on roll, in sheets, in pads, or in fan-folded packs. Special barcode label constructions with bullets or other features in conjunction with variable data is our speciality.

Document management companies and libraries label quality control

healthcare They implement strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to ensure all of the barcode labels they produce meet the exacting specifications laid out in the ANSI standard. They are, to the best of our knowledge unique in that our presses incorporate the latest inline verification technology to ensure every single barcode they produce is verified (not just scanned) to ensure it will read first time – every time. All of our scanning equipment has been independently tested and conforms to ISO/IEC15426-1/15426-2.

They know the problems caused by barcode that do not scan correctly and have rigorous processes in place to maintain high quality, as you would expect from the market leader in courier and logistics barcode labels.

Free advice on the best barcode labels solution

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of barcode labels who can assist you with decades of manufacturing experience, then please contact us by email or phone for some helpful and friendly advice about barcode labels for document management & library applications.