Label Innovations

Our strength is product innovation

We combine unique chemistries, physical properties and processes to deliver solutions to problems in the Mercian Labels Lab™ by taking products and technologies from concept to market.

Our scientists and printing process engineers work in with conjunction with some of the industry’s leading companies to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of today’s technology.

“Most wanted” smart label technologies

We are looking for introduction to technology solution providers to help solve our “most wanted” list of product development issues.

Supplier relationships

We have strong product development relationships with many small, highly specialised suppliers of unique technologies that we work with to integrate and adapt to solve challenges brought to us

We have a track record of successful innovations in the labelling area including the development of our own coating processes to create the intellectual property to manufacture Label Lock and Gammatex brands.

We are constantly looking for new technologies and partners

We are always looking for technologies that can improve the performance of our products.  We have a structured and procedural approach to R&D investment, collecting many early stage ideas and filtering them out to projects we can invest in.  We have active research collaborations with commercial and academic partners across the EU, and technology platform suppliers from across the world. We are constantly seeking external innovations and collaborations.

Product, problem or technology suggestions

Market suggestions, feedback and collaboration is vital to the development and adoption of innovative labelling solutions.  If you wish to make us aware that you have a particular interest in any area of labelling that we are working on, or have a technology that would be of interest to us, please contact the head of our new product development team Dr Adrian Steele.