Printed electronic labels using conductive inks

There is tremendous potential for printed electronics in labelling and packaging.  Using printed metallic inks based on silver, copper and carbon based structures a new generation of interactive packaging is becoming available.

We are involved in these developments and are looking to work with innovators, suppliers and users of novel printed products that use conductive inks.

Current interests include the problems of sintering of silver based inks using near infra red (NIR) radiation, surface characterisation for printed substrates, flexographic printing of high coat weight solvent based inks, printed capacitors, electroplating of printed circuits, printed magnetic materials for wound healing and digital printing techniques to manufacture printed conductive circuits.

We have relations with IP rich companies looking to engage with partners with applications to inkjet print electronics using copper based nanotechnology.

If you wish to make us aware that you have a particular interest in printed conductive inks for use in packaging, or have a technology that would be of interest to us, please contact the head of our new product development team Dr Adrian Steele.