Smart label products now available

Security Labels

Label Lock

Gammatex Labels


Our own brands of smart labelling products include Label Lock, a suite of high end tamper indicating labels and tapes and Gammatex, a gamma radiation indicator label.

Most of our innovations are used in bespoke products to address specific client needs.


More specialist features we also offer include:

  • a highly effective UVA and UVB blocking varnish, blocking ultraviolet radiation in the 280-390um spectrum to prevent polymer deterioration and fading of colour pigments when assessed using this bluewool scale
  • the highest performance tamper indicating label technology in the marketplace
  • a thin film security ‘laminate’ print product construction that does not contain a substrate and provides an extremely high level of protection for underlying data
  • variable data including 2D QR barcodes combined in unusual constructions for unique item marketing promotions
  • 100% real time barcode verification scanning at production time of variable barcodes, offering the highest levels of data integrity and guaranteed omission of duplicates.  Variable data labelling is a particular strength of the group
  • steam sterilisation indicator label technology
  • antimicrobial label coatings

If you wish to make us aware that you have a particular interest in any area of labelling that we are working on, please contact the head of our new product development team Dr Adrian Steele.