Secutag® taggants to authenticate Smart Labels


SECUTAG® – legally binding counterfeit protection

Mercian Labels use Secutag as our preferred covert taggant solution to authenticate printed products we manufacture.

Taggants are microscopic particles unique to each customer that can be detected in the field and confirmed forensically in the laboratory.

The product protection system SECUTAG® from 3S Simons Security Systems offers legally binding counterfeit protection for all kinds of products. Counterfeit branded goods are quickly and reliably identified.  The colour-code system has remained forgery-proof for over 15 years and is accepted as evidence by international courts. The colour-codes facilitate the defense of industrial property rights for brand owners, they safeguard brand and patent portfolios and assist the fight against unjustified product liability and damage claims. The system supports targeted customs intervention and accelerates procuring decisive evidence on the identity of a product.

Suitable for all industry sectors

SECUTAG® is suited for the application in all industry sectors and on all product groups and materials. The system is integrated into the production and delivery process without effort. Products, primary and secondary packaging, as well as documents and data, are secured.

The smallest micro colour-code particles worldwide are made of melamine alkyd polymers, manufactured in different sizes ranging from 8 to 90 micrometers.

The selection of the colours and their sequence make up over 4.35 billion individual customer codes. Colour-code protection is invisible to the naked eye; a standard pen microscope is sufficient for identification.

Pricing and availability

SECUTAG® is suited to premium brands and applications, and pricing is available on request. If you would like details of this taggant system then please contact us with details of your specific application.

Images provided by SECUTAG®