smart anti-bacterial coatings on labels

Labels are currently used in many different labelling applications where bacteria can easily contaminate and spread from surface to surface.

To address this, we have an innovative antimicrobial labelling product that can be used normally in conventional labelling applications, but with the added benefit that it inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria allowing optimal hygiene conditions to be preserved.

Anti-Microbial labels have a number of applications, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry and health organisations faced with the alarming increase in hospital acquired infections such as MRSA.

Our range of anti microbial labels include active ingredients in the anti-microbial face material that are 99.9% effective in limiting the growth of MRSA, C-Diff, Listeria, E-Coli, Salmonella and a range of other harmful bacteria.

The active ingredient is inorganic (silver, a proven anti microbial) and bacteria are highly unlikely to become immune to the product. It is also harmless to humans and animals and safe to use in all environments. Extensive testing has shown that the effectiveness of the coating does not diminish significantly with time or handling, meaning that the labels will retain their anti microbial properties for the life of the label itself. Overall, anti microbial labels are a highly cost-effective solution.

Certificates of analysis are available from an independent testing laboratory to demonstrate the effectiveness on request.

Typical applications of anti microbial labels include:

  • -packaging used in medical operations
  • -pharmaceutical label applications
  • -suitable for hospitals, schools, clinics, libraries and catering environments

If you would like details of these special anti microbial label products then please contact us with details of your specific application.