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Virgin_Mobile_Asset_Label Asset labels help you to take control of your companies vital equipment by marking them with your company logo and a consecutive number.

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Getting control of an organisation’s assets is a fundamental requirement. A good first step is to asset label everything of value. Many organisations take the opportunity to do this using labels which is both an asset label and a security label. Security asset labels are tamper evident and cannot be removed intact. Thus assets cannot be substituted.

Type ‘C’ Tamper Resistant Asset/Security labels


This is a highly flexible security asset label produced from premium quality self adhesive white ultra destruct vinyl material. Any attempt at removal will result in the material fragmenting so assets cannot be substituted. It is perfect for all office equipment.

These asset labels can be produced in any size, shape or colours. Sequential number ranges can be printed with prefixes or suffixes. We can print asset labels with any recognised Barcode Symbology (Type 128 used as standard). Asset labels are finishes with a durable varnish (an area may be left unvarnished to allow written details).

Type FL (Foil Laminated)


Foil Laminated asset labels employ a permanent acrylic adhesive. The finish is a “metalised” high gloss, very grime resistant and could be considered for applications where appearance is especially important although, by nature of the material, they can be removed intact.

Type “LAB” Tamper resistant laser etched Asset/Security label


Designed as a more convenient replacement for metal labels, these asset labels are made from a thin gauge multi-layered acrylic material with acrylic based resin self adhesive backing. Information is laser etched into the label material as opposed to being printed on the surface, consequently the label is scratch, abrasion and impact resistant, it is also impervious to many aggressive chemicals and solvents. These asset labels can be used on any flat or curved non-porous surface. They are especially suitable for harsh environments.

Type “V” Asset labels


This is a highly flexible asset label produced from premium quality self adhesive white vinyl material. Printing is to the highest standard. It is lower cost label as the vinyl is not ultra destruct.

  • Labels can be produced in any size, shape or colours.
  • Sequential number ranges with prefixes or suffixes.
  • Any recognised Barcode Symbology (Type 128 used as standard)
  • Durable varnished finish (an area may be left unvarnished to allow written details).

Type ‘A’ Flexible MarkIT Decal


This is a white self adhesive vinyl asset label with an integral cut out stencil, which would bear your postcode. It is supplied with a diamond tipped marker, which is used to etch through the postcode stencil. Some insurance companies will insist that an engraving is made into the “fabric” of the equipment to comply with their policies.

Specialist Suppliers of Asset Labels

Identification labels are used by companies, government departments, the NHS and other organisations to track their assets and deter theft of their property.

  • We offer standard & custom product ranges.
  • Bespoke asset labels made to exact sizes, with unusual material specifications.
  • Suitable for applications with no minimum order limit.
  • Mercian Asset labels will fulfill the majority of requirements.
  • Offerign fast delivery times & Transparent pricing.
  1. Select the quantity you require, of either 50×22 or 60x30mm labels to find the basic price of your asset labels (per roll if under 1000 labels, or per thousand labels if great than 1000 labels).
  2. Add the cost of optional extra colours (non pantone) and lamination if required.
  3. Multiply the cost by the number of thousand labels you need to get a total price.

eg – 500 50x22mm labels with sequential black barcode and custom design costs £190.

eg – 2,000 60x30mm labels with sequential barcodes and 1 spot colour in blue would cost : 2 x (£290+£55) = £690.

All prices include:

  • Free design and proofing service (by emailed PDF) for your label design before manufacture, ensuring that you get the exact asset labels you need.
  • Free consecutive numbering or consecutive barcoding in any of the major barcode symbologies (code 128 standard, but choose your preferred format) with any prefixes or suffixes
  • 1 colour print (black only) included in the price.

All prices exclude:

  • VAT (if applicable)
  • Carriage (typically £11 for next day courier delivery by City Link including insurance, online track and trace and signature on delivery)

Benefit From Asset Label Printing

Manufactured using the highest specification material for asset identification labelling, which is top quality matt white ultra destructible vinyl that fragments into tiny pieces (“eggshell effect”) if any attempt is made to remove them. Assets with these asset labels can not be substituted, thereby deterring theft and is perfect for all valuable office equipment.

These Asset labels for the Royal Mail were used to track their firefighting equipment.

Please remember that in contrast to many companies offering asset identification labels, we design and manufacture all labels in house – we are not just a marketing company and can therefore offer you better prices and a top quality, quick and personal service!

The labels can be used inside or outside (provided that they are kept out of permanent direct sunlight). 40 years of manufacturing these asset labels has shown us that this material is by far the best for most asset label projects!

Guaranteed to stick

Guaranteed to stick (must be applied to a smooth, clean, dry surfaces free of moisture,dust, silicone/wax cleaners etc at room temperature and left for at least 24 hours for the pressure sensitive adhesive to cure.)

  • 2 Size choices, 50x22mm or 60x30mm rectangles.
  • Printed using digital or hotfoil techniques and supplied on rolls
  • Asset identification labels with asset labels and printed security tamper evident asset labels1 colour black print to your own design included in the basic price.
  • A full range of optional cost effective extra colours (non pantone hotfoil) are available using closest commercial match to your desired colour, just send us your design by email or post and we will design to your specifications.
  • Optional strong 23 micron polyester lamination to improve the durability to the labels if used under arduous conditions.
  • Delivery typically about 1 week from artwork approval for most products.

If you would like further information on asset labeling or asset labels then you can contact us now for free asset label samples.