Hologram Labels

Specialist Suppliers of Hologram Labels

Mercian Labels is a leading supplier of specialist custom printed hologram self adhesive labels incorporating holographic images and security features as needed. We offer 2 different types of hologram labels.

  • Wallpaper hologram effects are lower security, and can be used for decorative effects. The image is applied as a printed block, but the holograhic.
  • High security in register hologram labels that are used to authenticate tickets, valuable products and other objects prone to counterfeiting.

Benefit From Holographic Label Printinglabel-power-hologram-label-2

We have access to a range of specialist materials to produce hologram labels for companies looking for a high quality holographic label.

We do not have a comprehensive catalogue or price list of hologram labels as we specialise in custom printed labels, with unique combinations of sizes, shapes, materials, adhesives, finishes and colours. Please contact us for all information regarding hologram labels on +44 (0) 1543 431 099.

Why use our labels?

Manufacturers spend millions to produce products and documents in the hopes that consumers will buy them. Consumers on the other hand expect to get what they pay for. Counterfeiters cost both manufacturers and consumers major losses. The magnitude of the potential loss is staggering. Manufacturers are robbed of revenue while consumers are robbed of quality products and performance guarantees.

Aimed at stopping counterfeiters security holograms are aimed at eliminating cheap imitation products and documents from the marketplace by protecting products and documents from becoming counterfeited.

Holograms can be used by software manufacturers, passport producers, car manufacturers, creators of brand name products, credit card companies, CD producers, telephone card distributors. The possibilities are unlimited.

What is Holography?

regina-locus-hologram-label-2Holography is the process by which three-dimensional visual information is recorded, stored, and replayed. The multi-dimensional images appear when held under certain light. A unique feature of the security hologram is the “parallax” which is the ability to see a scene and colours from many angles and depths. The colourful effect comes from micro-structures within the hologram label, which cause diffraction of the light hitting them.

Another feature of security holograms is the complex optical patterns that they contain. These patterns encode information about the depth and photographic appearance of the image. Creating the master security hologram (originator) requires precision optical instruments, lasers and special photosensitive materials. Some produced holograms are known as “covert” because the information is embedded within the hologram sticker and is only visible under certain types of light allowing for an additional level of security and verification. After the master security hologram is created, the image can be mass-produced in a variety of formats.

If you would like further information on hologram labeling or holographic labels then you can contact us now for free hologram label samples or a free quotation.

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